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Designed, reviewed and tested by teachers we have combined the core processes and tools every Educator needs to deliver quality education:

Free to use for all teachers and schools.

Helping schools in our own little way!

  • Curriculum planning
  • Lesson scheduling
  • Timetabling
  • Lesson content and planning
  • Career relevance
  • Classroom resources
  • Setting homework
  • Equipment ordering for practical subjects
  • H&S information including CLEAPSS
  • Dynamic seating planning
  • Registration
  • Making student information accessible
  • Behaviour reporting

About Us

Find out more about our mission to introduce Edtech across all areas, empowering teachers to concentrate on teaching.

Welcome to Flytdex!

Flytdex aims to streamline teacher workload by automating repeatable, administrative tasks. It
enables coherent communication between subject teams, admin and associate staff, whilst breaking
down barriers to communication with parents and students. We are genuinely excited about the
impact Flytdex could have on teacher workload and efficiency. Please navigate the tabs at the top of
the page to find out how we can support your school.

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