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About Us

Welcome to Flytdex!

Founded in 2017 by frustrated teachers with over 100 years collective teaching and educational management experience, combined with a desire to allow teachers to concentrate on teaching pedagogy and their student’s needs, the concept of Flytdex was born.

By working together with driven and experienced technologists, they set out to solve the challenges and processes that take up substantial time for our dedicated teachers. It is acknowledged that disjointed solutions only add to workload and need to be avoided; teacher wellbeing is very much at the forefront of the Flytdex initiative.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Anthony Timson Investor
Julian Odulate Founder ,Educator
Drew Nash CEO, CTO, DPO

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Operations Team

Matt Lowe Sales and Onboarding
Mat Downs Education Specialist, Deputy Head
Andrew Binnington Education Specialist, Head of Science
Drew Nash CEO, CTO, DPO
Grant Hook Head of Infrastracture
Ben Gillie Lead Developer, Architect
Dan Godfrey Developer, Data Analyst
David Man Co Founder, Finance Director