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Schools face a constant challenge of knowing what is occurring across their complex organizations quick enough to ensure they can support their students. Flytdex has been designed to help teachers have up to date information in front of them whilst also allowing them to provide behaviour, rewards and seating plan information rapidly without disturbing the learning experience.

By providing this information clearly and automatically teachers and pastoral staff see a reduction in their workload and reporting requirements.


  • Up to date pastoral information such as Free School Meals, Pupil Premium and SEND information can all be viewed from a single screen (and on seating plans)
  • Registration can be taken in the same system in any seating plan layout.
  • Behaviour and Rewards information can be entered in a very small number of clicks including for multiple students.
  • Teachers can keep multiple seating plans against a teaching group to allow them to have activity groups around small group work as well as normal teaching layout.

Pastoral Team

  • Advanced live real-time reporting allows the pastoral team or any other authorised user to see in real time what positive or negative behaviour issues have occurred across a year or house.
  • Students with highest rewards or behaviour issues over any filtered date range are shown and updated in real-time allowing immediate actions to be taken.
  • Historic trends can be analysed allowing senior staff to be able to see the impact of actions over time.
  • Information is automatically synchronised with the schools MIS system.

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